Vinyl Restoration (Vinyl Fidelity Recording)

Reissues and Prestige Collections (Audio restoration/sound restoration)

The CD remasterings of our last decades are often awful when the vinyl maintains a sound quality and aesthetics gradually degraded by some computer processing of digital production. 

The quality of the recording is of paramount importance; it determines and predicts the quality of the pressing, which includes the most accurate digitisation possible. 

We are specialists, and the resulting mastering will result in a sublime version of your original.

Our vision, and we want your record to be your reference for the years to come. Uprocess that respects the sound and the musicians.

In three words "Vinyl Fidelity Recording 

One of the best mastering collaborations of my career. We did an admirable job. Congratulations to David Hachour, we are signing a reissue of which we are very, very proud and which has already become the reference for all New York DJs.

Romain Pizon Sony Legacy Records

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Legacy Recordings
Vinyl Transfer

We capture the vinyl source with two turntables:

EMT 948 or Technics MK2 and different cells for a colour as close as possible to the original sound. We get a high quality digital source with all the aesthetics of vinyl.

Re Mastering

The result is an incomparable mastering; the sound is recovered, aesthetic, warm, defined and offering the perfect balance of the best of analog and digital, of yesterday and today. Of course the work on the original sound without re-mastering is part of our skills.

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