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mixing and mastering


  • The right choice

    Choose between stereo, stems, or MixMaster stems depending on your production level and that of your mix:

    • Pro to intermediate levelopt for the stereo.
    • Semi-pro to intermediate level, the stem will allow you to correct certain defects in a home studio mix.
    • New to the game? If you are unsure of your mix or production level, the MixMasterStems offers unparalleled control and will deliver the best results.
  • Your options and revisions

    • Do you need a factory DDP?
    • Do you need mastering for a vinyl record?
    • Do you need alternative versions (if so, please specify: a capella, extended, instrumentation, ...)
    • What are the destination media and platforms? (Spotify, iTunes, Qobuz, vinyl burning, etc.)
    • your revisions are included with your online mastering
    • For orders and bookings paid online stereo mastering and stems mastering, your options and revisions are included in the displayed price 
  • Book your session

    Book your session directly with David either by email or by phone. 

    • Specify your full name, address, mobile, and email
    • Specify the type of mastering, the number of tracks and options (alternative versions, DDP, Vinyl) in your message

    We will then be able to send you our rates and our availability for your project (between 24 and 48 hours, depending on our schedule - possibility of urgent treatment).

  • The Regulation

    If you are happy with the timeframe and our rates, you can pay your invoice online by credit card.

  • Confirmation of your session

    Your session or e-session will be automatically and definitively confirmed upon receipt of your payment .David will arrange the details with you by email or telephone.
  • Send your files quickly

    Send your files from our upload system so that we can meet our schedule and deadlines. You will be redirected to our upload page at the end of your order.
  • Receipt of masters

    We send you your master files via a DropBox link on your order email.



  • Prices and quotations


    David : +33 (0)6 12 36 06 85 - davidh(at)


  • Send your audio files

    Send your files from our Post Order Upload System so that we can meet our schedule and deadlines. Don't forget to include your name and email address in the appropriate field.


  • Prepare your files for mastering

    Before your session, we recommend that you consult this help on the specifics of audio files.


    We recommend that you check each file carefully and listen to all of them, including the stems.

    • Do not apply any limiters, compressors, or equalizers before your export.
    • Check that your files meet the following conditions:
      • Formats: .wav or .aiff
      • Resolution : 24 or 32 Bits ( without dithering )
      • Frequency: 44, 48, 96, or 192 k
      • Volume: -2 to -6 db (master volume only)

    If you are unsure about how to export your tracks, you must export your files with the same resolution and frequency as you used when you created your session in DAW (digital audio workstation).


    If you need more information , you can refer to the support and documentation of your DAW (digital audio workstation).

  • About archiving masters

    We do not undertake to store your masters. Once we have sent them to you, it is up to you to store and save them. We keep them for a certain period of time, for the purpose of revisions and retouching only. Therefore, we cannot guarantee that we will be able to send them to you again after a certain period of time.

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