The fusion between mixing & mastering

Created for home studio producers

Your productions are 70% of what you want and you are missing 30% of magic to match the biggest productions. MixMasterStems is for you.

Created for you


You finalize your title and you are at the maximum of your return. Generally, the constraints of production and recording in the home studio lead to problems in mixing and mastering (acoustic).

MixMasterStems is the first service that meets your specific needs.


MixMasterStems is a fusion between pro mixing and stem mastering. It solves the mixing problems of home studio productions.

We manage equalization, dynamics, colors, analog saturations, automation and summation.

How do you do it?

In 25 years of experience in production and mix mastering, we have acquired a unique know-how and a perfect knowledge of analog and vintage machines and plug-ins.

The studio has a varied mastering hardware to offer a maximum of colors.


Can you tell us what you thought of your first MixMasterStems?

I contacted ColorSound to finalize a project with the "MixMasterStems" package. I was pleasantly surprised by the quality of the final rendering, which was sent to me in only a few days.

What did you like about working with ColorSound?

David is a good listener: he was able to embellish my project considerably while respecting its initial artistic direction.

Your verdict?

There is a before and after.

-ROMCO, ''Over My Head


To begin with, can you tell us how you produce and for how long?

I've been making electronic music in my home studio for a few years now. First of all for pleasure, because nothing is more exhilarating for me than to plug my headphones on the computer and launch my DAW to compose.

I'm slowly getting into the games, and if I'm starting to get a good idea of how I want to produce.

To begin with, can you tell us how you produce and for how long?

I've been making electronic music in my home studio for a few years now. First of all for pleasure, because nothing is more exhilarating for me than to plug my headphones on the computer and launch my DAW to compose. I gradually got into the game, and if I start to have a good idea of how I want to produce.

In general, what kind of problems do you have with your products?

I still have gaps in my knowledge of mixing; and there is no substitute for professional mastering, in any case.

Why a MixMsterStems instead and not just a stereo or stems mastering?

I had just finished an electro track, which I liked the melody and which I thought deserved to be played by someone who would improve it.

My idea was to have a really solid demo to prospect the labels I had in mind. I wanted to find a professional who would accompany me on the final stage, but who could also intervene to accompany me in the penultimate, more artistic stage, at the time of the mixing.

I approached David after going through his musical resume. He has a real knowledge of the electronic scene, both underground and mainstream.

When I looked at the site where I discovered the MixMasterStem formula, it seemed ideal.

And after your online order, how did it go?

Our telephone conversations confirmed my impression, as well as the musical proposal he made to me, which I validated from the first version.

-Alexandre AKA Fombor, "Lion

Silvàn Areg
Silvàn Areg

How did you find us?

When I had to look for someone to do the mastering of Silvàn Areg's album "Sur le fil" I was told STOP looking for someone !!! contact the studio "Color Sound", they are the best. I contacted David to do a MixMasterStem of the album.

What about your experience with David H ?

The result was excellent, David always listened to our comments to provide us with a very high quality work. I recommend him with my eyes closed.


David explains the problems artists face in the home studio and how MixMasterStems helps them. Can you tell us about your experience?

I got to know David and the mastering studio by searching on Google (LOL).

We were trying to finish the song "Love in the street" but unfortunately the problem was with my mixing as David explained to me (No mixing LOL).

Isa Somparé
Isa Somparé

Can you tell us something about your collaboration with David?

Very nice collaboration on this track with David, with whom I had already worked 5 years ago on the mastering of my EP Rouge à Rêve. David is above all listening to the tracks and realizes a mastering totally adapted to the sound and the atmosphere predefined by the mix.

Why MixMasterStems?

For Zumba Météo I ordered a MixMasterStem from him knowing that he would rework my sound in detail and in an optimal way.

Thanks to his work of goldsmith, I rediscover my songs when they go through mastering. I trust him completely, I like to be surprised.

Julien Scalzo
Julien Scalzo

Since how much time do you work with David ?

I have been working with David for several years now.

What drew you to him and to the MixMasterStems as a DJ producer, rather than a stems or a stereo mastering ?

I was looking for a sound engineer able to add the magic of analog sound to my tracks thanks to his know-how while respecting my artistic direction.

According to the needs I have for each project I choose one of his formulas between classical stereo mastering or mastering stems. But since the full mastering mix option exists (i.e. MixMasterStems), I prefer this one for my biggest projects. The result is great: more definition, better overall cohesion, a professional sound tuned to the millimeter with that warmth and dynamics that equals the tracks on the market.

Uad Mixmasterstems Web
Analog sound at the speed of light. LUNA is the first recording platform to offer advanced integration with the Apollo. We make all our MixMasterStems with LUNA and our analog chain.

Why do you select projects?

David selects the projects to ensure the best results. This allows us to advise you and ensure that you get that famous 30% magic. We give you easy-to-follow instructions and tips beforehand to optimize our work.

Of course, this is never a questioning or judging of your talent, your music or your production level. We make sure that the MixMasterStems will make all the difference for your tracks and albums. 100% of our customers are completely satisfied and 90% of them were satisfied with the first version.

You remain the true artistic director of your projects. With MixMasterStems, you keep your sound signature as well as all your effects without compromise without distorting your layout.

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"Mastering came out great. tell your mastering guys! mastering sounds very good!!! I played it all from Wed. til Yesterday, had many gigs."

- Little Louis Vegas
Master at works.

"Colorsound Studio and in another dimension with the mastering. An irreproachable customer service. David is very attentive and we are more than satisfied with his work."

- Cosmic Boys

"It's always a pleasure to work with Colorsound Studio. Very good gear and very good ears biz..."

- DJ D'Julz

"Excellent job from Colorsound Studio on the mastering of my last records(Nothing but the beat). Magic ..."

- David Guetta

"Thanks to David from Colorsound Studio for amazing work on my Rexperience mix CD."

- Jennifer Cardini